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Positional Plagiocephaly

What is positional plagiocephaly?

Positional plagiocephaly is a condition that causes a baby’s head to have a flat spot or abnormal head shape.

What causes positional plagiocephaly?

An infant’s skull is very soft at birth in order to assist the head in passing through the birth canal. Positional plagiocephaly usually occurs when an infant spends time in a position that puts pressure on one part of the skull following birth. It does not cause any developmental delays or abnormalities.

How is positional plagiocephaly treated?

Positional plagiocephaly if found early enough can often be treated with conservative treatments such as proper positioning and tummy time. More severe cases can be treated with molding helmets to assist in the shaping the skull as it grows. Positional plagiocephaly very rarely requires any surgical intervention.

What is a remolding helmet?

The Ark-La-Tex Cleft and Craniofacial Team has paired up with Snell’s orthotics and prosthetics to provide Starband Cranial Remolding Orthosis to our patients. These helmets are worn 23 hours a day and help to mold the skull as it grows. Most patients will require helmet therapy for 4-6 months to achieve a normal head shape.

Where can my child be treated for positional plagiocephaly?

The Ark-La-Tex Cleft and Craniofacial Team provides care for patients with positional plagiocephaly. We have a clinic dedicated to the treatment of positional plagiocephaly that meets twice per month at Willis-Knighton South. Our team currently cares for over 300 children a year with cleft and/or craniofacial disorders and would love to care for your family.